Welcome to the Museum

Hello and welcome to the museum. Presented here is just a minute fraction of the wealth of magic that has been produced over the past 100 years and it is not my intention to provide these images or information with a particular direction; it is all magic without regard to style, maker, time period, etc.  Inside the museum you will find autographs, props, pocket magic, photos, gimmicks, and anything else that I have had, or still have, that might be of interest to collectors or hobbyists.

I have a love for magic of all kinds, from stage to parlor to closeup to mentalism and beyond.  I enjoy performances from amateurs to professionals to pitchmen and admire the genius that goes into a well performed routine or into a well thought out prop. 

Please enter and enjoy the museum and come back often. Drop me a note if you are so inclined and enjoy the museum.



                                                                                                              ROUND CIRCLE SPOTLIGHT

Please take a look at the Spotlight section.  In this area the intention is to focus on anything of interest.  Generally this is a particular prop but it may be information about a manufacturer or performer as well.  Take a second and take a look and it is my sincerest hope that you find it to be as interesting as I did in presenting it.  Come back again because the spotlight will be updated frequently.